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PT & SP Series Positive (+) T.C.R. Compensators

PT & SP Series Positive (+) T.C.R. Compensators

Key Features:

  • PT Positive TC resistors are ideal as special-purpose sensors or compensators to stabilize negative drift.
  • Low-cost PT & SP Series used to offset negative errors in db output circuits, as well as help to achieve true RMS.

More Compensator Features:

  • Linear Tracking - will help you develop the desired compensation for true RMS measurements and will offset errors in your dB output circuits.
  • Axial and SMD Designs - AT35's are ideal for your wire lead terminal requirements and the ST35 is a drop-in SMD replacement for the thru-hole part with interchangeable specs.
  • Customized Compensators - We can customize any of our compensators to your specs, in any ohmic value from either pure metals, available alloys or composite windings ... All of which are reasonably priced and with quick deliveries.
  • TCR Accuracy as close as ±1% - that is, the tolerance on 3500ppm can be less than ±50ppm ... or 100ppm spread from 25 to +100°C.


  • If you are looking for a systems offset of +3300ppm or +3400ppm, try our 3500ppm compensators. The nominal TCR is +3500ppm/°C. at +100°C on the chart, but very close to +3400ppm/°C at 25°C. We're confident that our part will make a dramatic improvement by itself without the need of a padder resistor.
  • Constant temperature oil bath computer tracking charts are available to match your temperature span and behavior specs exactly.

PRC Facts:


The TCR Tolerance on the 1K Compensators is +3500 ppm/°C.
Meaning - if you are looking for a systems offset of +3350 ppm/°C. to +3450 ppm/°C, we are confident you can achieve dramatic results with our standard off-the-shelf compensators. The actual TCR of a standard 3500 element is very close to +3350 ppm/°C. at 25°C. and lower than +3450 ppm/°C. at 100°C.



Image Part # Resistance Tolerance Power Rating Lead Free Type
PT052 1Ω to 1500Ω to ± .05&percent; 0 - .02W Yes Axial
PT073 1Ω to 2500Ω to ±.05% 0-.05W Yes Axial
PT094 1Ω to 6KΩ to ±.05% 0-.1W Yes Axial
PT146 1Ω to 20KΩ to ±.05% 0-.25W Yes Axial
SP073 1Ω to 2500Ω to ±.05% 0-.05W Yes Probe
SP094 1Ω to 6KΩ to ±.05% 0-.1W Yes Probe
SP146 1Ω to 20KΩ to ±.05% 0-.25W Yes Probe