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Ultra-Precision Resistors: HR, HVA, RX Series

Ultra-Precision Resistors: HR, HVA, RX Series

Key Features:

  • Greater "Stability vs. Time"
  • Dependable and repeatable measurements year-after-year
  • Offer the stability & performance of secondary standards

More Ultra-Precision Features:

  • Select Any Value - custom to your specs exactly - from 0.1 ohm to 10 Mega-Ohms ... with tolerances from 1% to 0.005%. We offer the widest range anywhere, especially when you need decimal part of an ohm accuracies.
  • The Standard TCR is 5ppm - however, if you need something closer, special TCRs to 1ppm per degree C. are available.
  • Ultra Stability vs. Time - probably your most important consideration - can be conditioned to 0.001% per year.
  • Wide Temperature Span - from -65°C. to +125°C. ... derated to zero wattage at +145°C.. Other technologies are limited to +70°C., which can be a problem in your soldering processes.
  • Axial or SMD - designs are available ... it's your choice!
  • Special Custom Flexibility - when you need matching TCRs and tolerances with part-to-part repeatability.
  • Non-inductive - All HR & RX standard parts are non-inductive (suffix "N") except the HR103

PRC Fact:

The TCR Characteristic is the proportional variation in resistance with respect to a change in temperature. This change is expressed in either: parts per million (ppm), percent (%), or ohms/ohm ... per 1°C.

For Example: A 1KΩ resistor with a TCR characteristic of 0±5 ppm/°C. (Std. on the Type RX/HR) ... is multiplied by 0.000005Ω or ±0.005 ohms change per 1°C.