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SM Series 2-terminal Resistors

SM Series 2-terminal Resistors

Key Features:

  • Wide selection of high-precision values
  • Custom manufactured to your unique specifications

More Power Precision Features:

  • Resistance Values - from 0.02Ω to 4MegΩ
  • Tolerances - 1% (Std.) to ±0.1%
  • TCR Characteristics - 0±10 ppm/°C. (Std.) for 100Ω & above; 0±15 ppm/°C. for values below 100Ω
  • Lower Costs - because set-up and tooling are easier.
  • Temperature -55°C to +145°C.
  • Quick Production - specs can be quickly transferred from the lab to the production floor.

PRC Facts:

Hot-tinned, commercially "pure copper" terminals are Standard at PRC. That is, (ETP/OFHC) Electrolytic Tough Pitch/Oxygen-Free High Conductivity copper which provides: Better wetting, Longer shelf-life, Best conductor - safe current handling capabilities.



Image Part # Resistance Tolerance Max Watts Max Volts Lead Free Type
SM041 .1Ω to 10KΩ to ±0.1% .125 25 Yes Axial
SM062 .1Ω to 30KΩ to ±0.1% .25 65 Yes Axial
SM063 .1Ω to 50KΩ to ±0.1% .5 110 Yes Axial
SM094 .1Ω to 80KΩ to ±0.1% 1 200 Yes Axial
SM076 .1Ω to 180KΩ to ±0.1% 1.125 245 Yes Axial
SM156 .1Ω to 400KΩ to ±0.1% 1.5 375 Yes Axial
SM1711 .1Ω to 900KΩ to ±0.1% 2 670 Yes Axial
SM177 .1Ω to 540KΩ to ±0.1% 3 500 Yes Axial
SM186 .025Ω to 480KΩ to ±0.1% 3 500 Yes Axial
SM228 .02Ω to 720KΩ to ±0.1% 3 600 Yes Axial
SM2812 .02Ω to 1MegΩ to ±0.1% 5 1000 Yes Axial
SM3114 .1Ω to 1.5MegΩ to ±0.1% 6.5 1000 Yes Axial
SM3726 .07Ω to 4MegΩ to ±0.1% 10 1250 Yes Axial