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PRC 100 Std. Ref. Series 100 Ohm Sensors

PRC 100 Std. Ref. Series 100 Ohm Sensors

Key Features:

  • The PRC100 Std. Ref. Series follows the well-defined curve and linear slope of platinum
  • These low-cost sensors track like a platinum standard ... but are more versatile
  • Linear tracking special-purpose temperature sensors ... TCR characteristics to +6000 ppm/°C.

More Sensor Features:

  • The PRC100 Series is more versatile - the PRC100 (Standard Reference) is a 100 ohm (±0.12% @ 0°C.) sensor with a TCR of +3850ppm/°C. that meets the platinum DIN Standard. But, you can also select any ohmic value and tolerance that you need ... and adjust the TCR too, if you want.
  • The PRC100 (Std. Ref.) is readily available - in an assortment of physical sizes for axial, SMD and probe applications. If you call for a few pieces or even several thousand of any of the PRC100(Std. Ref.) configurations, there is a good possibility we can ship them out by the next day.
  • Need a "custom" PRC sensor? - Let us know the particulars and we will custom manufacture the part to your specs and send you a sample ... together with a computer tracking chart ... at no charge.
  • Accurate Temperature Measures - Precision's PRC100 sensors can measure temperature accurately part-to-part between -65°C and +150°C (from reference base) 0°C with an average sensitivity of 0.003850 0hm/0hm/°C.
  • PTS Series Compensators/Sensors - are linear (+) TCR thermal tracking resistors, which function as an economical temperature sensitive device in bridge circuit applications for process control systems. These surface mount resistors can be used as compensators to stabilize millivolt shifts and/or offset negative drift in a critical circuits.
  • PT & SP Benefits - Low-cost PT & SP Series used to offset negative errors in db output circuits, as well as help to achive true RMS.
  • All Special Purpose Temperature Sensors - TCR characteristics to +6000ppm/°C

PRC Facts:

Hot-tinned, commercially "pure copper" terminals are Standard at PRC. That is, (ETP/OFHC) Electrolytic Tough Pitch/Oxygen-Free High Conductivity copper which provides: Better wetting, Longer shelf-life, Best conductor - safe current handling capabilities

*PRC100 Discontinuance Notice*



Image Part # Power Rating TCR Char. Max Volts Lead Free Res. & Tol. at 0° C Type
PRC100X Std. Ref. Series 0-.04W +3850 PPM /°C. - Yes 100Ω ±0.12% Axial
PRC100T Std. Ref. Series 0-.1W +3850 PPM /°C. 100 Yes 100Ω ±.12% SMD 2-Tab
PRC100A Std. Ref. Series. 0-.1W +3850 PPM /°C. 100 Yes 100Ω ±.12% Rect. Axial
PRC100.12 Std. Ref. Series 0-.1W +3850 PPM /°C. - Yes 100Ω ±0.12% Probe
PRC100-1 Std. Ref Series 0-.25W +3850 PPM /°C. - Yes 100Ω ±0.12% Probe
PRC100 (Std.) Std. Ref Series 0-.25W +3850 PPM /°C. - Yes 100Ω ±.12% Axial