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PRC100T Std. Ref. Series 100 Ohm @ 0°C.

PRC100T Std. Ref. Series 100 Ohm @ 0°C.

Technical Information

100Ω @ 0°C.
Power Rating
TCR Char.
+3850 PPM /°C.
Max Watts
Max Volts
Lead Free
Res. & Tol. at 0° C
100Ω ±.12%
65°C. to +150°C.
3.18mm (.125")
9.14mm (.360")
3.18mm (.125")
to ±.005%/yr. at +25°C
SMD 2-Tab
Tab Dimensions
a=.075"; b=.075"; c=.100"; d=.260"
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  • Electrical & Physical Specs

  • Attributes & Derating Table

Click here for PRC100 Tracking Chart

PRC100 Standard Reference Series Overview

A series of varying resistor styles and sizes available, depending on the desired application. All part types in this series read 100Ω @ 0°C. ±.12% with an average sensitivity of 0.00385Ω/Ω/°C. These low-cost sensors track like platinum standards but are much more versatile. They are linear tracking special-purpose temperature sensors with TCR characteristics to +6000 ppm/°C. & follow the well defined curve and linear slope of platinum. All part types are in stock & ready for immediate delivery

Rt is defined by IEC standard, pub. 751: alpha = 0.00385 ohm/ohm/°C.*
For range -40°C. to 0°C : RT = Ro[1+At+Bt_+C(t-100°C.) t_]
For range 0°C. to +150°C : RT = Ro(1+At+Bt_)
Constants in this equation:
A = 3.79782 x 10-_ B = 6.502 x 10-7 C= 4.3735 x 10-__
Rt = Ro[1+At+Bt_]
Rt = 100[1+(3.79782 x 10-_ x 100)+(6.502 x 10-7 x 100_) ]
Rt = 100[1+.379782 +.006502]
Rt = 100 x 1.386284
Rt = 138.628 ohms at 100°C.
Rt = Ro[1+At+Bt_+C(t-100) t_]
Rt = 100[1+(-.1519128)+(.00104032)+(.00003918656) ]
Rt = 100 x .8491667
Rt = 100[1+(3.79782 x 10-_ x -40)+(6.502 x 10-7 x -40_)+ (4.3735 x 10-__x (-40-100) x -40_) ]
Rt = 84.916 ohms at -40°C.

*Theoretical curve & slope based on values of the International Practical Temperature Scale (IPTS-68 & 90).

Fixed points are in Degree Celsius (°C.) Ro = 0°C. The other reference temperature used in the equation is +100°C however this can be replaced by any temperature desired with respect to the base temperature of 0°C. The PRC100 Std. Ref. follows a well-defined theoretical curve & linear slope from base 0°C. proving that most reference points are calculable within very close tolerances (Ratio=Rt/Ro)


Then let PRC custom manufacture your wire wound resistor, sensor, or shunt with some of the shortest lead times in the industry. Engineering samples can be supplied at no cost to you in 7-10 days for most jobs. Computer tracking charts are available for reference with certain part types. If you need a specific marking on your part(s) we will custom print your order with the marking you desire & at no additional cost to you. If needed, you can interchange the size, shape, lead dimension, wattage, voltage, current, Ω value, tolerance, & TCR characteristics with most part types. You can check our PRC100 Custom Series or visit our PRC100 Standard Reference Series & see if one of our other parts will satisfy all your requirements. If you still do not find a part that meets the exact specifications your application requires, simply follow the link Contact/Request For Quote & fill in all known spec fields. One of our highly trained engineers will review your objectives and see if we can modify one of our standard parts to satisfy all your requirements. If you are unsure how to accurately complete this form, give us a call & our sales department will be pleased to assist you.


To order a std. ref. series part from stock simply click Virtual Store and select the specific product you wish to purchase & the desired quantity by clicking on the arrow underneath the word quantity. This will unfold a drop down menu allowing you to select the quantity you wish to order. Once you have chosen the quantity you wish to receive, simply click the Add to Cart button shown at the bottom of the quantity selection page to receive further instructions. If you wish to order larger quantities than allowed or if the part you need is not featured in our virtual store, our sales department is available to provide price, delivery, lead time & all other pertinent ordering instructions to companies within the U.S.A. If you wish to place an order in the United States, simply give us a call & ask for the Sales Department, our contact information is at the very top of every page. For companies outside the U.S.A., we have sales representatives in over 30 different countries to assist you. Click the International Sales Representative Map to locate the sales representative nearest to your region & view their contact information. Our international sales representatives are readily available & eager to answer all inquiries regarding pricing, lead time, & ordering instructions as well as any other questions you may have.

Electrical & Physical Specifications:

L-Length: 9.14mm (.360")
W-Width: 3.18mm (.125")
H-Height: 3.18mm (.125")
Tab Dimensions:a=.075" b=.075" c=.100" d=.260"
Max Power: .1W
RTC from 0°C to +100°C: +3850PPM/°C

Engineering Attributes:

100Ω @ 0°C. ±.12% Tol (or ± .3°C & 138.50 Ω @ +100°C.
± .22% (or ± .8°C.) per DIN 43760, Class B.
All PRC100 Sensors are closely matched & repeatable part-to-part. They have the ability to reproduce output readings consistently at the same temperature reference points under the same conditions & in the same direction.
The change in the original resistance (Ro) @ 0°C. is less than ±.1°C. or ±.038% after 10 cycles from 0°C. to +150°C..
Shelf life stability is ±0.002%/year @ 25°C. with no load.
The PRC100 is an ideal compensator to offset drift or negative self-generating change in resistance resulting from an excitation of power to .25W @ +125°C. to zero power @ +150°C.
The time required for our PRC100 to indicate 63.2% of a new impressed temp. from a step change of 0°C. to +100°C. can be customized to your specs, as low as less than 1 second.
Wire: Ni (Nickel), Co (Copper),Mn (Manganin) & Fe (Iron)
Substrate: epoxy or ceramic filled
Terminals: solderable hot-tinned copper
Protective Seal: Moisture & solvent resistant epoxy
PRC100 custom sensors are also available in any Ohmic value from 50Ω to 5KΩ in tolerances from ± 0.03% (1/4 Din) to ± 0.24% (DIN x 2) You can click the link to view our entire PRC100 Custom Series and see if your specs are compatible with any of the part types from this series.