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About Us


Established in 1932 in Hillside, New Jersey, the PRECISION RESISTOR COMPANY, INC. (PRC) has worked very hard to carefully protect and uphold our worldwide renowned reputation of manufacturing high-quality, low priced, custom-made, wire wound electrical components for crucial applications. This paved the way, ensuring continued success throughout the highly competitive passive electrical & electronic circuit component industry. Our sound manufacturing techniques and reputation have provided a fortified foundation that has allowed PRC to remain successfully competitive with an unsurpassed level of quality, instilled throughout our product line from the very beginning over 80 years ago, and will remain unchanged as we look forward to a future full of success.

Today, located in sunny Largo, Florida, PRC continues the traditions of precision manufacturing of low-priced electrical components, aided by our highly trained and experienced employees. To accommodate our steady growth as a company, PRC moved its manufacturing plant from NJ to FL in 1985, bringing along many employees who had enough faith in our overall success that they were willing to re-locate their families almost 1200 miles away once we physically out grew our plant in New Jersey. Now that is a true testament of dedication, loyalty and commitment! We are very proud of our hard working employees and applaud their dedication which shines through in each & every finished product PRC manufactures. It is important to us that our employees exemplify these qualities and will continue to employ these type of dedicated individuals who are committed to the quality of our end product. Here at PRC, we are focused on continuing to be an equal opportunity employer that promotes diversity in the workplace, contributing to the well being of our community & practicing eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. Our superior quality products are a direct result of honest hard working employees that are an integral part of of our team here at PRC and vital to our continued success. Your diligent dedication & loyal commitment to our stellar manufacturing team is the reason the quality of our products remains unsurpassed. Your hard work & dedication to our goal of maintaining cost-effective manufacturing excellence & efficiency does not go without notice.

Our vast success can also be attributed to over 75 years of experience & research, learning which manufacturing processes are most successful and constantly looking for ways to integrate new technology and materials to perfect our techniques while being reluctant to abandon time proven methods, ensuring that our product line will continue to out preform the competition. Thanks to a quality staff driven by a strong integral customer base and a desire to build & design the best electrical components, PRC is looking ahead to 75 more years of success.

Precision Resistor Company's mission stands on traditions of manufacturing competitively-priced, high-quality, 100% USA produced custom precision fixed wire wound resistors, wire wound sensors and wire wound shunts for critical applications while continuing our commitment to provide superb service & support while serving the needs of our customers who utilize any of our products.

We would like to thank each & every one of our customers who have allowed Precision Resistor to not only survive, but flourish in a highly competitive industry. We will continue to do everything in our power to keep our prices as low as possible & remain competitive while never sacrificing the integrity of our end product manufactured right here in the U.S.A by hard working Americans. It is your loyalty & commitment that have ensured us prolonged success as we continue to build and adapt to evolving technology while making sure to adhere to the standards that have gotten us to where we are today. We promise to not abandon the quality assurance standards & procedures that have been in place since they were originally implemented during the company's inaugural charter year (1932).

We will continue to strive for excellence by continuing to utilize the same invaluable processes that have made us a globally distinguished highly demanded premium manufacturer of precision wire wound electrical components, allowing the PRC brand to be recognized world wide. Throughout so many wonderful years of service, our prestigious client base has grown exponentially as more and more companies discover the real value of PRC and our premium product line. Over 75 years of doing business in the wire wound electronics industry, we have learned there is absolutely no substitute for experience. Rest assured, we will never compromise the quality of our premium products or our company's reputation purely for financial gain. We are committed to maintain the quality presence our customers have enjoyed since the company's initial inception and will continue in this manner in all future endeavors that we are privileged to participate in.

To all previous & current clients: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Your long time loyalty & dedication is absolutely instrumental to our growth & longevity. We hope you will continue to choose PRC for many years to come. We certainly appreciate & greatly value our business relationship.

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