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Simple...We have 75+ years experience manufacturing stabilized high quality precision wire wound components.

The PRECISION RESISTOR COMPANY will ensure you receive premium quality products, with some of the shortest lead times that you will find in our industry.

Below are attributes that combine to make us the precision wire wound manufacturer consistently chosen by top engineers.

Pure Copper Terminals

Why Copper? Because PRECISION RESISTOR COMPANY'S hot-tinned commercially pure Copper terminals offer better wetting characteristics and longer shelf life. Beware of Copper clad or other materials that have a strong magnetic attraction and exhibit a high EMF - especially when specifying low value precision wire wound resistors sensors or shunts. Another reason engineers want commercially pure copper is because of its extremely low resistivity & low EMF (Electromotive Force), see details listed below in the following paragraph for more information on the benefits of low EMF.

Large Selection To Satisfy The Exact Specifications Of Your Precision Application

PRC's precision wire wound resistors, wire wound sensors & wire wound shunts are ideal for short run development projects as well as long runs that are needed in a hurry. Wire wound electrical components have easier setup and tooling procedures than other resistor types so your precision specifications can be quickly transferred from the model shop or laboratory to the production floor.

Better Flexibility For Custom Sizes, Exact Ohmic Values Including Decimal Parts of an Ohm & Specific T.C.R.s (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) to 1 ppm/°C. (part per million per degree Centigrade) in selected parts.

You can specify any resistance value or decimal part of an ohm from 0.001 ohm also known as 1 milli-ohm (1 mΩ) to 10 Mega-ohms (10 MΩ) with tolerances to ±0.005% and T.C.R.'s to 0±1ppm/°C. We also manufacture temperature-sensitive wire wound resistors and wire wound compensators to +6000ppm/°C. as well as a complete line of precision wire wound 4-terminal through-hole and SMD/SMT sub-miniature current sensing shunts.

Buy Only What You Need, No Minimum Quantity Requirements

Why buy 50 pieces or more if all you need are a few components for testing or a dozen parts to complete your requirement? Small quantity lots or high volume production quantities are accurately checked 100% to assure specified limits and delivered on-time to meet critical deadlines.

High Surge Current Handling

Many other electrical component types on the market require at least two or more parts to equal the power and overload capabilities of one of PRC's precision wire wound component. That is one of the reasons why our 3 and 5 Watt precision shunt values are so popular.

Low Value/Low T.C.R. combination

PRECISION RESISTOR COMPANY'S ability to accomplish extremely low values to 1 mΩ & T.C.R.'s to 0±15ppm/°C. provide better load-stability. This means the quality to resist permanent change is designed into the parts from the start for dependable and repeatable measurements piece-to-piece.

Low Thermal EMF due to Copper Leads

All PRECISION RESISTOR COMPANY'S precision direct current (DC) wire wound electrical components, especially low values, have low EMF ( less than ±0.3-1.5 mV/°C.) with respect to the copper terminals. Many low ohmic value tin oxide and other general purpose electrical components in the industry have thermocouple errors as large as 100 mV/°C. which degrade circuit performance. Try to avoid thermal gradients that could cause a large temperature difference across the resistor, sensor or shunt so be sure to specify wire wound type precision electrical components with low EMF construction.

Time-Proven Service

PRECISION RESISTOR COMPANY'S precision power wire wound electrical components are the choice of engineers and designers because of their reasonable costs and time-proven heavy duty service. Reliability and dependable quality year-after-year are "the real values" of PRC's precision wire wound resistors, sensors & shunts.

PRECISION RESISTOR COMPANY is definitely the sound choice

If quality, stability and product repeatability are what you are searching for then look no further! DOWNLOAD our premium precision wire wound product catalog absolutely free. If you prefer to receive a FREE HARD COPY instead, you will see a form displayed for this when you click the download link above. After completing the form, a copy of our easy to specify product catalog will then be sent directly to the address you supply at no cost to you! The catalog allows you to select exactly which one of our exclusive wire wound precision components will perform best to meet the exact specifications of your custom design. Contact us today & you will surely be convinced our 75+ years of experience in precision wire wound passive direct current (DC) electrical component design and manufacturing will work for your critical precision applications. We are extremely confident that you too will most certainly PROFIT from PRECISION.