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Terms & Conditions


By issuing Precision Resistor Co., Inc. a written purchase order, you are agreeing to the following policy and are hereby bound to adhere to all terms specified within, as well as any and all other expressed terms that may also be deemed necessary & mutually agreed upon in writing prior to the manufacturer's acceptance of the purchase order. A complete list of terms shall be furnished upon customer request. This disclaimer is subject to change at any time for any reason and without notice. Purchaser is responsible to check for any revisions or additions to this notice periodically. This document supersedes any terms or conditions previously specified by Precision Resistor Co., Inc. as well as all terms and/or conditions referenced on purchase orders issued to Precision Resistor Co., Inc as well as all terms and/or conditions referenced on purchase orders issued to Precision Resistor Co., Inc, regardless of firm's affiliation.

In regards to the following terms and conditions set forth by Precision Resistor Co., Inc: Precision Resistor Co., Inc is the Manufacturer/Seller defined & referred to within. The Buyer/Customer/Purchaser, is defined as the firm the purchase order is issued from, regardless of whether they are the end user.

Terms of Sale

All orders submitted to Precision Resistor Co., Inc are final and payment is due NET 30 days from date listed on the invoice unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Invoices may be released the same day as the shipment departs our plant located in Largo, Florida U.S.A. To set up a customer for an open account with the Seller, the purchaser will be required to submit credit references and be deemed eligible; otherwise Visa, MasterCard and C.O.D. are also acceptable forms of payment. Any and all requirements, including certificates of compliance, shipping preferences, and tax exemptions must be stated clearly on purchase orders. If the buyer requires a part to be manufactured to a control source drawing, military specification (MIL-R Spec), or require RoHS/REACH compliant, this must be clearly stated on the PO. Omission of these stipulations are not acceptable grounds for return/replacement. All POs must be acknowledged by authorized company personnel and will then be confirmed in writing via either facsimile or email to the original purchaser, providing a valid fax number or email address is listed on the PO. POs are not valid until confirmed in writing by Precision Resistor Co., Inc.

Changes/Adjustments to Purchase Order(s)

(a) Purchase orders submitted by the Customer, regardless of the quantity of releases, are required to be completed within one year of the confirmed order entry date. While adjustments to release dates are allowed to be requested, they will not be authorized to extend past the one year mark.

(b) Adjustment requests in regards to extending ship dates are required to be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the current authorized ship date unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing by Precision Resistor Co., Inc. as well as all other parties involved.

(c) Precision Resistor Co., Inc reserves the right to increase a quoted fee in the event that the client requests a variation to the work agreed.

Cancellation Requests

In view of the nature of the goods, the Customer has 30 days, once the PO is confirmed by Precision Resistor Co., Inc, to cancel any quantity of the same PO. Cancellation of the PO as a whole or any quantity of the PO, after the 30 day period, will only be accepted on the condition that the Customer will reimburse the Seller 40% of the original cost of the cancelled goods. Orders submitted via the online shopping system are filled from stock and therefore cannot be cancelled for any reason.


Due to proprietary reasons, Precision Resistor Co., Inc does not allow internal inspections by buyer or buyer's client of manufacturing sectors of the plant at any time. No Government access to PRC facilities will be granted other than those responsible for regulatory functions such as EPA or OSHA that are mandated by law.

Inspections requests for all others must be made 15 days in advance minimum. Requests must be acknowledged and granted on a individual basis at PRC's discretion prior to visit. Furthermore inspections shall be limited to finished article only and done on-site in a space designated by PRC and will be limited to non-manufacturing sectors exclusively.

PRC is privately held and reserves the right to deny entrance to any non-exempt party for any reason and will be at PRC's sole discretion.

Warranty Policy

All parts manufactured by Precision Resistor Co., Inc are extended a limited warranty for a period that's not to exceed one (1) year from the original invoice date. The warranty is limited to components in new (unused) condition that are deemed to be out of published physical or electrical specifications and/or tolerances.

Acceptance of returned goods

Precision Resistor Co., Inc. will not accept any products shipped back for inspection without the previous expressed written consent and assigned return material authorization (RMA) issued. Requests must be received within the previously specified 1 year limited warranty window. Precision Resistor Co., Inc. is not responsible for any parts damaged during shipping, nor responsible for any defective parts deemed to be due to application errors. The Seller certifies that the parts are devoid of any defects when shipped from the manufacturing plant and agree to replace any parts that can be proven to not meet or exceed the published specifications within the previously specified 1 year limited warranty window. Precision Resistor Co., Inc. will not be held liable for any costs incurred by buyer as a result of parts found to be either released beyond the estimated delivery date or generally out of conformance, including but not limited to wages paid to remove / re-work or repair out of spec parts or shipping charges without explicit written permission by Precision Resistor Co., Inc., aside from the costs to replace the original parts which will be at manufacturer's expense

Upon authorization, Buyer/Purchaser is encouraged to return all products and any information with their findings believed to be non-conforming to specific published specifications. Precision Resistor Co., Inc. agrees to repair or replace, at their own discretion, parts at their expense in the event that the product did not fail due to any form of user error, including but not limited to exceeding maximum specified power, current or temperature ceilings. Purchaser is responsible for researching and conducting testing of parts while in their specific application and the final ambient environment to ensure compliance and optimal performance in the presence of any applicable ambient environmental elements prior to electing to place a form PO.

As previously stated in Terms of Sale: If the Purchaser requires a part to be manufactured to a control source drawing, military specification (MIL-R Spec) or require RoHS/REACH compliant products, this must be clearly stated on the PO. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure additional required specifications are referenced and not concealed (intentionally or accidental) or withheld. Omission of these stipulations is not acceptable grounds for return/replacement and will under no circumstances be authorized unless otherwise stated in writing.


Upon request, Precision Resistor Co., Inc. will gladly furnish a small quantity of engineering samples at no charge for all pertinent testing and approval prior to fulfilling orders, regardless of the total quantity ordered.

Samples will automatically be manufactured and supplied for all large quantity jobs of 500 pieces or greater for first time orders of custom made components and must be approved in writing to validate the PO, regardless of whether the buyer has engaged in transactions with the seller in previous years. Purchaser is held responsible for requesting new samples to be tested in the event that any alterations are made to the previously approved application or design.

Pricing Quotation

Quotes are required to be provided prior to placing an order and will only be honored for a period of 30 days from the original date issued. Lead times given in said quotations are estimated and will be adjusted daily as the quantity and volume of jobs in-house periodically fluctuates. Time of delivery mentioned in the articles are not binding on Precision Resistor Co., Inc., but they will make all efforts to fulfill the stated estimates. With exception to limited standard industry stock offered, all components are manufactured per customer request to buyer's custom specifications. Precision Resistor Co., Inc. manufactures wire wound components exclusively. If you require other types of resistive technology, this must be communicated on the PO and will subsequently be rejected. Precision Resistor Co., Inc. will, however, be happy to provide referrals, if known and upon request, to reputable and capable manufacturers or distributors of such aforementioned items or articles.

Purchaser is required to request confirmation and validation of quotes dating past the 30 day window, prior to submission of a new PO. Prices are subject to change periodically as deemed necessary. Prices listed in quotations do not include costs associated with shipping and/or handling.

Sales Tax Policy

Sales Tax will be added exclusively to POs issued by companies with billing addresses located within the state of Florida except in the case a tax exemption number is provided within the original issued PO.

Terms of Delivery

Delivery by Precision Resistor Co., Inc will be deemed to have taken place when the materials are handed to the custody of the Purchaser at their premises or to a deputed messenger or courier when posted. Precision Resistor Co., Inc is entitled to charge the Client for any expenses of delivery.

Time of delivery mentioned in an acknowledgement / confirmation are not considered binding on Precision Resistor Co., Inc, however all efforts will be made to fulfill the stated estimates. Precision Resistor Co., Inc will not be held liable for any costs to buyer associated with the delay of delivery of an order beyond the purchase price of the PO.

All shipments by Precision Resistor Co., Inc will be made from the manufacturing plant located in Largo, Florida (U.S.A.) The standard method of shipping is to utilize United Parcel Service (UPS) Ground Service Level, prepaying the shipping costs and adding them to the invoice. The fees associated with shipping plus a nominal fee for this service will then be added to the invoice.

These fees are billed as a separate line item on the invoice and are not included in quotations. Shipping charges will vary depending on the destination and package weight which is dictated by part type, resistance value and quantity ordered. Upon customer request, DHL or Fed Ex are shipping options as well, but will require an account number to charge the shipping against. Shipping costs will be billed to a collect account in the event one is provided by purchaser and included on the original purchase order.

Purchaser is responsible to express the method of shipping desired for any mode of shipment other than Ups Ground. Orders specifying Best Way, will be released via Ups Ground, Prepay and add to invoice. Purchaser is also required to express any requirements such as certificate of compliance or certificate of RoHS compliance in their purchase order and prior to shipping. Precision Resistor Co., Inc reserves the right to ship up to five (5) business days earlier than specified in quotations unless otherwise specifically stated by the purchaser.

Limitation of Liability

Nothing herein shall limit either party's liability for death or personal injury arising from the proven negligence by itself or its employees or agents.

The Purchaser shall fully indemnify Precision Resistor Co., Inc. against any liability to third parties arising out of the Purchaser's use of goods.