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PVS1 1W Wire Wound Current Sensing Shunts 2-Tab Surface Mounted Design (SMD)

PVS1 1W Wire Wound Current Sensing Shunts  2-Tab Surface Mounted Design (SMD)

Technical Information

.001Ω - 5kΩ
to ±.005%
TCR Char.
±15 PPM /°C.
Max Watts
Lead Free
Max Amps
-65°C to +250°C (@ 1%).
3.30mm (.130")
9.14mm (.360")
3.18mm (.125")
SMD 2-tab
Tab Dimensions
a=.075"; b=.075"; c=.100"; d=.260"
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Our sales department is available to provide price, delivery, lead time & all other pertinent ordering instructions to companies within the U.S.A. If you wish to place an order in the United States, simply give us a call & ask for the Sales Department, our contact information is at the very top of every page. For companies outside the U.S.A., we have sales representatives in over 30 different countries to assist you. Click the link International Sales Representative Map to locate the sales representative nearest to your region & view their contact information. Our international sales representatives are readily available & eager to answer all inquiries regarding pricing, lead time, & ordering instructions as well as any other questions you may have. Our site also features a Virtual Store stocked with many popular sizes from our HR axial lead series and our world renown LVS3 surface mounted shunt. Our unique PRC100 series that tracks like platinum at a fraction of the cost can also be found inside. In addition to these items there are several different designs from our most sought after part types in our premium wire wound product line inside, all waiting to be shipped today to meet your critical deadlines. Small quantities up to twenty-five pieces of each product type with selected Ohmic values & tolerances available. Once inside the virtual store you can instantly purchase parts using your Visa or MasterCard & choose from 4 levels of shipping services, including next day delivery, all delivered by UPS. Feel free to browse through our store anytime day or night & check out what's in stock from the comfort & privacy of your own computer. The store is open 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Electrical & Physical Specifications:

H-Height 3.30mm (.130")
L-Length 9.14mm (.360")
W-Width 3.18mm (.125")
Tab Dimensions:a=.075"; b=.075"; c=.100"; d=.260"
Minimum Resistance @ Maximum Wattage: .111Ω min. @ 1W
Minimum Resistance @ the Derated Wattage: .001Ω @ .009W

PVS Series Engineering Attributes:

Select any Ohmic value (Ω) or decimal part of an Ohm from .001Ω to 100KΩ with micro-ohm/micro-volt accuracies to ±.005%. See Figure #2 shown below for the minimum resistance vs. tolerance requirements. PRC's unique single-joint design on the four (4) terminal parts make tab identification academic.
0±15 PPM/°C is the standard for this part type. Add LTC in the part name for a lower TCR of 0±10 PPM/°C. This Low Temperature Coefficient (LTC) is only sustainable if the combined temperature of self-heating and ambient (surrounding environment) operating temperature does not exceed +150°C. Please specify temp. span of operation.
To ±.001%/yr. @ 25°C. with no load.
Min. Res. @ Max Watts is based upon ±1% resistance tolerances @ +25°C. Derating is required for higher temperatures, closer tolerances & lower resistance values. See Figure #3 shown below for derating requirements.
Rectangular solvent-resistant epoxy case is solder heat resistant & offers excellent thermal transfer to base.
Solderable hot-tinned pure copper (ETP/OFHC) tab terminals & low EMF construction reduces thermal effects usually associated with low value resistors.
MARKING (Identification)
PRC stamp, part type & name, Ω value & tolerance, physical size permitting.
Have your parts delivered to you in tape & reel form by simply specifying Tape & Reel instead of bulk when placing your order. For detailed information on all the individual specifications for the tape & reel delivery option, click the Tape & Reel Chart