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SMD Carrier Tape Chart

Surface Mount Design (SMD) "Carrier Tape" Packaging per IEC 286-3 (EIA 481):

On Reels: 12.750" O.D. x 4" I.D. x 1" W - 1/2" bore. Skin packed to board with polyfilm.
24mm (.945"W)-8mm pitch: For types: HVS1, LVS1, PRC100T, PTS1, PVS1, & ST35
24mm (.945"W)-8mm pitch: For types: HVS2, HVS3, LVS2, LVS3, PTS2, PTS3, PVS2, & PVS3
32mm (1.26"W)-12mm pitch: For types: LVS5, PVS5 & HVS5

We also can tape and reel all standard axial lead resistors upon customer request.

Tape and Reel Physical Dimensions