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Precision Power Resistors: SM & SM-4 Series

Key Features:

  • SM-4 features a "single joint" 4-wire Kelvin design
  • High overload and surge current handling capabilities
  • SM features: Miniature Hi-values, Higher voltage ratings, Non-inductive types & low cost

More Precision-Power Features:

  • SM progressive winding techniques - combine "Power with Precision"
  • Two Terminals Vs. 4-Wire (Kelvin) - PRC's type SM(2-wires) and type PVS "SMD" resistors are generally used for high ohmic values ... where the effects of lead-out resistance and contact resistance are minimal. Allow approximately +0.001 ohm per inch for lead-out resistance on the two wire designs. On extremely low resistance values where lead resistance can be part of a very accurate measurement, the adder may be eliminated by using a four terminal device. Please see our various two and four terminal shunts listed below.
  • PRC's SM-4, PLV & LVS series (0±15ppm (Std) - have 4 solderable hot-tinned copper wire or tab terminals. These Kelvin style resistors are ideal for low values where lead-out or contact resistance can be part of a very accurate measurement. The adder normally used on two terminal styles can be eliminated by using the Kelvin designs, because four terminal circuits will only indicate the voltage drop across the resistance element.
  • Lead/tab identification is academic - due to a unique single-joint construction. Therefore, any two terminals (directly opposite or diagonally opposite) can be used as the sense terminals ... and the other two terminals for current.
  • SM-4 Eliminates lead-out - and contact resistance for precise low value measurements.

PRC Facts:

Hot-tinned, commercially "pure copper" terminals are Standard at PRC ... that is, (ETP/OFHC) Electrolytic Tough Pitch/ Oxygen-Free High Conductivity copper for: Better wetting, Longer shelf-life, Safe current handling capabilities & Best conductor.



SM Series 2-terminal Resistors

SM Series 2-terminal Resistors

SM-4 Series 4-terminal Resistors

SM-4 Series 4-terminal Resistors